private & corporate events

Private and Corporate Events are opportunities for us to work more closely with our guests, and cater an interactive or demonstration experience that will promote team building or make for a special and memorable occassion.

The Grill

Seats up to 48

The Grill is designed to transport you into the brisk open air of a French thoroughfare.  Equipped with high-top tables accommodating up to 48 patrons for a grilling instruction, our Grill is an open-air barbecue station located within the comfort of our facility.  Also equipped with top-down cameras so you don't miss any secrets of our grill masters, the space is also set up for smaller groups of 8 to 12.



The kitchen

Seats from 12 up to 52

Our main Kitchen space is so unique, you'll probably never see anything like it anywhere.  Situated with 7 live cooking stations and amphitheater-style seating, it really is like a kitchen stadium. 

The main chef's stage and all perimeter cooking stations are equipped with top-down cameras, top of the line cookware and appliances, and an elevated private dining area.

While this space can accommodate 52 dining guests for a large group demonstration, it is also versatile enough for intimate culinary instruction.

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