Kyocera Vertical Double Edge Peeler (Red)

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vertical double edge peeler.jpg

Kyocera Vertical Double Edge Peeler (Red)

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The Vertical Peeler fits small, large, left, and right hands. Features an ergonomic handle and an ultra-sharp advanced double edge ceramic blade. The Vertical Peeler is dishwasher safe, easy to find in a drawer and fun to use.

Available Colors:
• Red Handle, White Blade

• The Vertical Blade is made from advanced ceramic

• Super sharp and stays sharp 10 times longer than steel blades

• Optimum cutting angle glides effortlessly through foods

• Won’t rust or corrode (ever!)

• Won’t brown foods

• Won’t transfer a metallic taste or smell

• The handle allows for vertical peeling styles

• Fits large, small, left and right hands comfortably

• Non-slip grip