Chef Donato Coluccio, The Capital Grille


Chef Donato Coluccio, aka CHEF d. realized his passion for cooking as a young child cooking at home with family. He began his career at Tivoli Restaurant and graduated from the Pennsylvania Institute of Culinary Arts in 1991. He has served as an Executive Chef since 1999, shaping culinary minds and influencing notable kitchens throughout Pittsburgh. In 2003, he was voted the American Culinary Federation Pittsburgh Chef of the Year. Donato has hosted and created innovative menus for eleven Chaine des Rotisseurs dinners, including the “Tribute to 100 years of Presidency” and “Generation” dinners. In May of 2015, he made his triumphant return to The Capital Grille as their Executive Chef Partner.


Chef Giuseppe Di Gristina, Bella Sera


Born in Sicily, Executive Chef Giuseppe Di Gristina came to the United States at the age of 13 with his mother – who already had family ties in Pittsburgh, making him an honorary native of the “Burgh”. His original master plan was to study International Business with a Culinary Arts as a secondary field, but as destiny would demand, he soon found his way on the fast track to becoming one of this country’s most exciting and diverse chefs.

In 2001, Giuseppe’s intense desire to continue his culinary expedition and training took him to the coast of sunny California where he held Executive Chef positions at Brio Tuscany Grill in Newport Beach and Crivello Ristorante in Wildomar.

In 2006, Giuseppe became Chef/Owner of Raviolis! Italian Bistro winning “Best Restaurant” for 3 years and “Best Chef” in 2009-2010.  Pledging to return to his “American” origins, Chef Giuseppe returned to Pittsburgh and found himself at home in the beautiful Tuscan environment of Bella Sera. Giuseppe brings passion and experience beyond his years to the elegant tables of Bella Sera through his culinary creations.



Dorothy Tague has taught cooking lessons for 14 years.  Chop, WOK & Talk is the only hands-on cooking school specializing in Southeast Asian cuisine, Southwestern cuisine and Mediterranean cuisine.  Dorothy attended the Pennsylvania Institute of Culinary Arts and has a background in education.  Dorothy Tague has studied Chinese, Thai, French, Italian, Mexican/Tex-Mex/Southern and Cajun-Creole cuisine throughout the years.  Dorothy most recently completed studying Cajun-Creole in Langlois Nola, New Orleans.

Experience the flavors of Thailand, France, Germany, Italy, southwestern United States, India and other countries with Dorothy.  Dorothy and her co-workers at Chop, WOK & Talk give individual attention to all students according to his or her cooking skills. In the same lesson, a well-seasoned cooking student will feel challenged, and a novice cook will feel well-looked after.

Glenn Hawley, Off the Hook


Tempe, Arizonia raised, Glenn Hawley, found his love of cooking with fresh fish through his work as a corporate operator at the Rusty Pelican. After marrying his wife, Lisa and relocating to Pittsburgh, he recognized a niche in the restaurant market for fresh fish. Together they opened their first restaurant, Rodi Grille in 1991, and it quickly became known as the top fish restaurant in the city.
Glenn replicated the success he achieved with Rodi Grille in 1995 by opening the first Monterey Bay Fish Grotto. His success culminated with another Monterey Bay location on Mount Washington, and he quickly became known as the fresh fish expert in the Pittsburgh restaurant industry. He was awarded “Best Seafood” in Pittsburgh 15 years in a row, with several other awards in his tenure with Monterey Bay.

After leaving Monterey Bay in 2012, Glenn continues to elevate the fresh fish market in Pittsburgh with his latest restaurant, Off The Hook in Warrendale. It is widely considered to be the North Hills destination for fine dining seafood and select wines. Wine Spectator has recognized Glenn 3 years in row with the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence.